about the bittertones

The Bittertones is an indie rock and eclectic soul band formed in 2018 by singer-songwriter duo Carole Walker and Alan Mauger. Influenced by the likes of Alabama Shakes, Ani Difranco, Eurythmics, Jeff Buckley, Deeptones, and Sade, The Bittertones have created a unique sound that blends elements of rock, soul, and indie music.

Since their formation, The Bittertones have performed at renowned music festivals such as Comfest, Hot Times, Westerville Arts Festival, and Summer Jam West, captivating audiences with their electrifying performances. Additionally, they have graced the stages of popular music venues including Rambling House, Victory's, and Eldorado's.

In an effort to stay connected with their fans, The Bittertones host a monthly livestream where they showcase their music and engage with their dedicated followers. This interactive platform has allowed them to build a strong and loyal fan base who eagerly awaits their every release.

One of their most recent accomplishments is the release of their new song and lyric video titled "Mystify '' in August 2023. This emotionally-charged anthem explores the themes of grief and the revelation that the connection with a lost loved one still remains. Inspired by Walker's personal experience after the tragic loss of her brother, "Mystify'' showcases the raw talent and depth that The Bittertones bring to their music.

Currently, The Bittertones are working on their upcoming projects. They are set to release a new song and video titled "Ghost" in November 2023, further expanding their discography. Additionally, they have a new EP in the works, tentatively titled "The Bittertones," which is scheduled for release in December.

With their captivating performances, exceptional songwriting skills, and unique blend of genres, The Bittertones are in high demand. They are now actively booking for festivals and music clubs, offering both duet and full band performances that are guaranteed to leave audiences spellbound.

"Everything has an energy that connects us and that vibration is the root all of music"” - Nadir omwale

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